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Strategies for healthy holiday eating

The key to healthy holiday eating, or for that matter ANY sensible eating plan, and its vulnerability to the stresses common during the holidays, mood swings, economic strife, or any of myriad opportunities to “be bad just this once”, is the same as for any substantial and long-term lifestyle and behavioral change – sustainability. And the key to the sustainability of any permanent personal change is ATTITUDE.

Wait! I can hear those hard-drives beeping “over and out” right now! But fear not! Believe me, I understand the trepidation toward the cookie-cutter “pick yourself up by the bootstraps” monologue, wielded by so many guru-wannabes who feign the hard-learned and hard-earned wisdom of the rogue-gone-straight. Most advice that dares to don the faux-humble crown of ‘attitude’ seems to fall just short of being a hellfire sermon from on-high, effectively guilting the receiver into placating the guru with the obligatory and contrite head nods that only yield to headaches in the absence of the hovering of said authority figure.

So, what of this holiday eating? It’s remarkably, liberatingly simple: don’t set yourself up to fail! Commit to *sensible* eating that you can live with! Who among us can honestly say that they have unfailingly complied with some oath to, oh, eat 2 servings of Brussels’ sprouts a week, every week, for the past 10 years? Okay 5 years? One year? One serving a week? Ahhha hand went up! Ohhhhyou LIKE Brussels’ sprouts!

Understand? Your plan has to be one you can LIVE with not just your body but your soul! If you are miserable as you stay ever so healthy, what’s the point, gov’nuh? One of two things is gonna break eventually your spirit, or your plan I’m talking about sustainability, here. Your plan isn’t gonna work if you can’t bring yourself to work your plan. The only way to ensure that you are able to work your plan over the long haul, is to be able to find some satisfaction and enjoyment out of not just getting past it but of DOING it.

But we’re not talking about the long haul, right? Just get me through ChristmaHanuQuanza and the two hellacious weeks of my mother-in-law’s visit! But isn’t life already stressful enough, ESPECIALLY during the holidays? Why add to your burdens some lofty sacred vow to swear off all cheesecake and especially Aunt Behemoth-Bottom’s 2-cheese mashed potatoes? The answer isn’t rocket science, I promise. It’s the tried and true but ever thus: “moderation”! Have *a* serving of the delectable spuds, and accompany