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Belgium is a Federal State

Belgium is a typically stable, cautiously progressive, western European liberal democracy. The alliance with The Netherlands and Luxembourg became the Benelux Union in 1958, which, in turn, became one of the foundation stones of the European Community. Brussels is the headquarters of both NATO and the EU. Today, the anachronistic images of boring Belgium have been well and truly banished over the last decade as the country promotes its key destinations, along with a string of new attractions.

Easy to travel around, this pocketsize country is divided into the Flemish north, Flemish speaking and the Walloon south, French speaking. Brussels, the capital, is the heart of the country and the European Union. Belgium always had a lot more going for it than the faceless political and bureaucratic buildings that litter its capital with a string of engaging cities in Bruges, Ghent, and Brussels itself that offer impressive architecture, lively nightlife, first rate cuisine and numerous other attractions for visitors. Then there is reinvented Antwerp, now a hotbed of fashion and modern design, and the more bucolic charms of the beauty of the mountainous Ardennes region to the east, as well as the sweeping sand of the coastline resorts of the western seaboard. Belgium is also a land whose specialities include ubiquitous beers, delicate chocolates and Belgian waffles.

The principal domestic problem is continuing tension between the Flemish speaking north and the French speaking south of the country, known as Wallonia, not forgetting the capital Brussels. However, throughout the years, Belgium has evolved towards an efficient federal system. Five reforms have been necessary to achieve this in 1970, 1980, 1988, 1989, 1993 and 2001. In 2005, Belgium celebrated 25 years of federalism and for the first time ever, article one of the Belgian Constitution stated that Belgium is a federal state made out of communities and regions.

Enjoy the many Brussels museums such as the Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Comic Strip Museum and the Museum of the City of Brussels.

Relax over a meal of moules frites in one of the many reasonably priced restaurants of Brussels Rue des Bouchers, close to the Grand Place. Most have tables outside in the summer, from which to watch the world go by while dining.

Pay homage to chocolate, which is one of Belgiums best known products, with a visit to the Chocolate and Cocoa Museum off Brussels Grand Place, or Choco Story in Bruges.

Take a canal boat ride along the waterways of Bruges sometimes described as the Venice of the North, an excellent and relaxing way to appreciate the medieval architectural splendours of this historic Flanders city.

Sample some of Belgiums many fine beers at tBrugs Beertje a characterful bar in Kemelstraat in the centre of historic Bruges. It offers a choice of literally hundreds of varieties.

Superb Steak Houses In Intriguing Brussels

Brussels is the capital metropolitan area of Belgium; with the bigger Brussels zone as the capital of the European Union. Brussels takes its root as a town from the 10th century in front it gradually flourished as a trading post along with Ghent, Cologne, and Burges, since all these municipals lie along the Senne River. It was the home of aristocrats, diplomats, and royalty until it became the centre of governance of Belgium in the 19th century. Now, Brussels is the home of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) headquarters as well as legions international organisations. In this regard, we can say that Brussels is a cosmopolitan metropolis.

Brussels glorious architecture sprang up from the 17th century when King Leopold I came into power. One of the iconic mileposts of Brussels is the La large-site, which is the city’s main market. The main market is also the notable city centre where you will pinpoint many architecture that display vivid architecture. The market and the people that walk in it give a snapshot of the social and refining lifestyle of the 17th century. Even present, you may see the true character of Brussels’ residents in this market square. Near the city centre, you could also pinpoint the outstanding town hall and the La Maison du Roi (the King’s House).

Sightseeing and speciality tours are perfect ways to get to know the metropolis. One of the better well-known tours is the Brussels Bike Tours. This daily bike tour will take you around the capital in just four hours. This expedition is perfect if you want to pass through Brussels’ fantastical markers while meeting new friends. The peregrination group is once and again modest, and the lack of slopes and lots of open spaces makes it comfortable for bikers to go around the place. After the half day trip, you could go to a flea market such as neighbourhood du Jeu de Balle to buy antique souvenirs.

Brussels has quite a collection of wish for restaurants that caters to important humans like politicians, businessmen, and diplomats. One of the finest restaurants in Brussels is the Le Sea Grill, a seafood restaurant situated in Wolvengracht. Their specialty includes oysters and other shellfish dishes. They also demonstrate a wide group of grilled seafood samplers. For preeminent Japanese, Samourai also in Wolvengracht, has a cosy and authentic interior. If you need to eat out, look for the various assortment of Belgian waffles for dessert.

The utmost of Belgium’s recreation options comes at night, where there is always a party, concert, or festivals going on. The famed concert music played here ranges from jazz, rock, and alternative music. Brussels also has a accumulation of eclectic, reggae, and even choral music if you know where to look. Brussels has major film festivals in the offing every year, so you might long for to go there and check out the choice French and Dutch films on display.

Brussels gained prominence only in the 19th century. As the capital of a new country, greater of the main marks were made between the end of the 1800′s up to the 1980′s. French and Dutch are the official languages in Belgium. This metropolitan area promotes an intimate miniature city experience with a light dose of past.