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Christmas In Brussels

Each year – starting on December 1st – the center of Brussels becomes a Christmas village. The Grand-Place and its neighbouring streets become an appendix of the house of Santa. This year, the guest city of Brussels is Tallinn, capital of the Estonian Republic and you will be able to discover its specialities throughout your walk in the Christmas village.

From the Place Saint-Jean up to the Place Sainte-Catherine, while passing by the Bourse (Belgian Stock Exchange), and the Fishmarket, 220 Christmas country cottages take place and transform our capital into a “Christmas Tales Village” where you find thousands of gifts ideas.

Leave the Place Saint-Jean and go to the Grand-Place. The Grand-Place was transformed into a fairy Christmas place. It accomodates a monumental luminous installation and comes back to the Christmas traditions and suitable amazement for childhood. A fantastic sound and light display takes place each day and is supplemented by concerts every saturday.

The Hôtel de Ville, the King’s House and other constructions dating from the XVIth century will fascinate you. Did you know that the Hôtel de Ville of Brussels was built in the exact center of the city and that Charles-Quint himself posed the first stone during its construction? Do not hesitate to visit it and discover the Pentagon (in fact, our city is a pentagon) paved in its center.

Leave the Grand-Place by the Rue au Beurre and discover our Brussels lace stores and tapestries containing tons of original gifts ideas. The Rue au Beurre crossed, you are at the Bourse and enter the Christmas village: country cottages are already installed, the craftsmen await you and propose to you, in addition to the gifts, the opportunity of tasting delicious winter specialities from their countries or drinking a hot wine or another reinvigorating drink.

Continue your walk by the street Devaux and the street Sainte-Catherine. On the place Sainte-Catherine, the Ice Monster and the Black Tower as of the horse-gears will be a real pleasure for your children. While waiting for them, visit theTallinn Christmas Village craftsmen who precisely expose to this place.

Enter the Fishmarket and discover the Skating Rink. It is the principal attraction of the Brussels winter. The children can safely slip on a small track arranged for them. Keep an eye on your children while tasting a drink in the mountain brewery being next to the skating rink.

The end of this excursion in the Brussels Christmas Village is the Big Wheel ; located just after the skating rink. The spectacle of this gigantic machine is even more staggering when the night falls and its 18.000 bulbs ignite.

While walking through the Brussels Christmas Market you will also meet concerts, plays, processions, troops of travelling artists who will brighten your way by their art and their beauty.

During one month, Brussels joins again with its past of popular attractions and becomes a city with the colors of the winter and traditions of Christmas.

Top European Rentals Destinations

Europe is an extremely different continent as well as the variety of most European holidays highlights this. In every European nation you can attract to both the noise of a town and the leisure of the scenery. Transport connections are superior and it is simple to hop from state to state by aircraft, by railway or by street. This editorial arranges to assist you in the preparation of European holiday.

No other area of the globe attracts to the renown of Europe as a tour. Still for its people, the instructive mass and diversity of this continent provides almost all services for journeying and finding. In the final decades, as separation of Eastern & Western Europe has broken up, the whole continent has knowledgeable the period of huge, unparalleled alteration.

Nowadays Europe is the more thrilling site than ever before.

Famous European holiday sights:


Belgium’s record has constantly been associated to profitable as well as instructive restore, and a lot of its quality is a result of its dependability as the large crowd-supporting capacity of Western Europe. Today, its center city of Brussels is globe’s main international cities, house to the European Union as well as NATO, and prosperity of worldwide deal and investment businesses. Due to its worldwide view, Belgium has extensive been a state for enthusiasts, a small state abundant in quality.



Long ago, Denmark’s peninsular location at the empathy of 4 European areas made it an ideal base for naval Vikings. Today, the condition that as soon as prepare Denmark a perfect place of exit make it a delightful site to visit: it’s a fascinating intersection of people, record, and business.


People who live in Iceland are often thump by its utopian scenery. This is a state that looks to have dazzling life. There’s no pollution, offense is more or less missing, and the civilians are the best-lived people over Earth. Added to the sociological attainments is scenery full with innate marvels: Europe’s biggest glacier and cascade, myriad volcanoes, geysers, as well as hot springs.


Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is Europe’s mainly exciting sites, an attractively gorgeous land packed with poems, legend, and record. Come with since we look at the 6 counties of Antrim, the Armagh, the Down, the Fermanagh, the Londonderry, and the Tyrone and go to the town of Belfast as well as the cities of Derry & Armagh. Northern Ireland too has both of the globe’s famous golf courses, gorgeous hikes, terrific bird surveillance, more or less renowned angling, and brilliant possessions for explore inherited legacy.

Travel Europe & take pleasure in its most famous sites. There is no true or incorrect approach – just do what ensembles you as well as your daily life most. You’ll find lots of options in each